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Discover the Kidman Trail
A Spectacular Journey of Adventure

Embark on an unforgettable journey along the Kidman Trail, a magnificent multi-use trail perfect for horse-riding, cycling, and walking enthusiasts. Spanning an impressive 269 kilometres, this trail winds its way through breathtaking landscapes, including picturesque roadsides, tranquil farm routes, enchanting forest tracks, and unexplored road reserves. From its starting point in the charming town of Willunga to its captivating conclusion in the historic town of Kapunda, the Kidman Trail showcases the natural wonders of the Fleurieu Peninsula, Adelaide Hills, Murraylands, Barossa, and Clare Valley tourism areas.

Available Facilities

Mt Crawford Dressage Club (MCDC) provides amenities along the Kidman Trail, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable adventure for all. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil camping experience, require horse yards, or need a convenient wash bay for your horses, the MCDC has you covered. Facilities include;

  • Camping area
  • Horse Yards
  • Wash bay for horses
  • Toilets
  • Undercover rest area
  • Float parking


$10 per person administration fee

Which will be charged at the point of booking

How To Book

Reserving your spot at MCDC is a breeze.

While we are currently developing an online booking process, we invite you to email us your details to secure your place. Simply send an email with the following information.

Subject Heading: Kidman Trail Booking

Details: In your email, kindly provide us with the following information:

  • Full Name:
  • Contact Number:
  • Postal Address
  • Number of Guest
  • Arrival Date:
  • Estimated Arrival Time:
  • Departure Date
  • Estimated Departure Time:
  • Booking Type: Camping/Parking
  • Vehicle registration number (if applicable).

Once we receive your email, we will promptly confirm your booking and provide you with payment instructions.

Booking restrictions

Dressage Competitions and Training Days

Throughout the year, the Mt Crawford Dressage Club hosts various dressage competitions and training days. During these events, there may be limited booking availability. Please plan your visit accordingly to avoid any inconveniences.

Single day Competitions

  • There will be a restricted time frame for arriving and departing.
  • Depart before: 7:30am
  • Arrive after: 5pm

Multiple Days Competition

  • These days will be unavailable to book.

Important Information for Your Enjoyment and Safety

As you plan your Kidman Trail expedition, there are a few essential guidelines to ensure a safe and memorable experience. Please take note of the following:

Conditions of Entry:

To ensure the safety of all visitors, please adhere to the following conditions:

  • Riders must wear approved helmets at all times while mounted.
  • Horses must be restrained on the grounds at all times.
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash and restrained during your visit.
  • Visitors are responsible for their own actions and must leave all facilities clean, tidy, and free of rubbish.

Expert Tips for an Unforgettable Adventure

To make the most of your Kidman Trail journey, keep these expert tips in mind:

  • Plan your route and check weather conditions. On total fire ban days, ForestrySA land is closed.
  • Be familiar with Australian road rules regarding horses, bicycles and pedestrians.
  • Horses need to be healthy and able to be controlled. On many parts of the trail horses need to be familiar with traffic passing closely, crossing water courses and a variety of distractions including cyclists, walkers, emus, kangaroos and gas guns in vineyards.
  • PLEASE Take all rubbish home with you, spread excess horse feed and manure.


Biosecurity – stopping the spread of plant and animal diseases is important.

  • Clean horse’s hooves before and after going on the trail.
  • Spray horse’s hooves with a disinfectant such as methylated spirits.
  • Park your car and float in designated areas or on a hardened surface.
  • Keep to the designated trail at all times.
  • Obey all signage relating to closed trails.

Start your Adventure today!

Prepare for an awe-inspiring adventure on the Kidman Trail, where breathtaking landscapes and thrilling experiences await at every turn. Immerse yourself in nature’s wonders and create lasting memories along this extraordinary trail.

Book your spot today and get ready for an unparalleled journey of exploration and discovery.

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